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The Ahmad Butler Foundation

Forever Captain Poodaman The Ahmad Butler Foundation (ABF) is a nonprofit charitable organization that supports the needs of children battling cancer, while aiding in the improvement of their quality of life. It is our mission to support the needs of these beautiful children, regardless of the size.

ABF Care Packages for Kids with Cancer

ABF now has "The Adventures of Captain Poodaman and Friends Coloring Books" to add to our care packages given to children battling cancer that has been admitted into the hospital to cheer them up during their stay. The Adventures of Captain Poodaman Coloring books,...

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Leo, ABF's youth member showing us how much loves his Gear! Now you can show your support for ABF in style! When you purchase ABF gear, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Forever Captain Poodaman! The Ahmad Butler Foundation (ABF) to support our mission....


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How Did Childhood Cancer Impact Your Life?


St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

The Ahmad Butler Foundation has provided support to children and their families in the Department of Oncology at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children (SCHC) since ABF’s Inception. In early of April 2020, ABF made a large donation of food and household items to our clinic food pantry. ABF’s donation has enabled us to provide significant assistance to our patients and their families over the past four months.

ABF is now partnering with us in supporting our patients as they return to school this fall. The ABF Remote Learning Program will provide the technology our patients need to succeed this upcoming school year as they navigate challenges associated with Covid-19. We are committed to helping implement the ABF Remote Learning Program within our department and are hopeful it will greatly benefit the 70 patients we are currently treating.




Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philadelphia Region

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philadelphia Region is a non-profit organization with a mission to support families of seriously ill children by creating a community of comfort and hope through a range of programming and services including two Ronald McDonald Houses, RMHC Philly provides support to families facing a wide range of pediatric diagnoses, but the most common departments served include neonatology, orthopedics, and oncology. It was the commonality of serving oncology families that brought about an introduction between RMHC Philly and The Ahmad Butler Foundation in 2019 and this relationship has benefited numerous families.

Families travelling to Philadelphia for world-class pediatric care face many challenges. They struggle with where to stay, affording the time away from home and work, coping with the stress and keeping their family together. These challenges are only exacerbated as the world faces a new global pandemic in the coronavirus. RMHC Philly has continued to provide temporary lodging close to the hospital, daily meals, and a host of supportive services to families even during these uncertain times. ABF has generously provided RMHC Philly with several in kind donations in recent months including individually packaged breakfast and snack items to help keep our kitchen pantry stocked and incentive gift cards for our staff which continues to work in support of each guest family’s needs.

Studies have shown that children heal more quickly, both physically and emotionally, when they are grounded in a sense of normalcy. As a part of the recent expansion of our House on Chestnut Street in West Philadelphia, we now have a classroom and are able to provide on-site tutoring for patients being treated on an outpatient basis and patient siblings staying at the House. These young students are able to maintain some normalcy in their days by attending lessons and will be better equipped to transition back to school when their time in Philadelphia is complete.

Classroom technology has never been more vital than it is today. With many school districts throughout the world moving to virtual formats or a combination of virutal and in-person learning, RMHC is proud to be partnering with ABF to ensure that students utilizing our classroom have the necessary technology to succeed in their lessons. We look forward to receiving donations of Chromebooks or similar tablets for our guests to utilize.

We understand all too well that childhood cancer and serious diagnoses do not stop as the world faces a new pandemic and awaits a vaccine. Because of this, the families we serve need our support now more than ever before. RMHC Philly is honored to partner with ABF to provide families with technology to aid in their children’s education as well as to easily connect with their loved ones back home.



Even More Reviews

  • We are currently living in the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House and today received a care package from your organization for our 5 year old son. He was so excited and happy when he received it, I just wanted to reach out & say THANK YOU so very much!
  • The Forever Captain Poodaman, The Ahmad Butler Foundation has really helped the families staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Their assistance has been even more critical during these uncertain times. Their unwavering commitment to children with cancer is amazing and we appreciate everything they have done for the families staying at the House. Thanks all.
    LINDA 3831
  • I’m proud of my friend Latanya Morrison, Ahmad’s mother Cierra Butler, her partners, family and friends for forming The Ahmad Butler Foundation in memory of her grandson Ahmad Butler. She is doing great work by donating care packages to the various Children’s Hospitals, the Ronald McDonald House, and families of children past and present in Philadelphia with help and support from family, friends, and various organizations throughout the city. It warms your heart to see pics of the children receive them. She also wants each sticken child with cancer in hospitals to be able to have a chrome laptop with a goal to raise $1,000,000 for this. Kudos to the ABF for all you do.
  • This non-profit goes above and beyond to bring a smile to children’s faces. Everything is done in love and it shows. They are genuine and whenever I can always donate because their passion and cause is true and dear. I love them to life and wish them an overflow of blessings to continue their work.
  • The non-profit organization is doing an awesome job. The effort and time making sure the kids with cancer keep a smile on their face. This is an amazing nonprofit organization and I will continue donating funds to make sure that the kids are happy. This hit home for me. Continue the fight for kids with cancer.

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