COVID-19 has created various challenges globally. But for families that have a child diagnosed with cancer, COVID-19 is an additional battle. Because these families were already in the the storm of their lives, that was created by cancer.

ABF’s Digital Learning Program is geared to support these families. By ensuring that every Child in need, battling cancer in the United States, has a personal computer, and internet access.

When a Child is diagnosed with cancer their lives change dramatically, causing them to seek some sort of normalcy. Being able to attend school remotely helps to fill that void.

ABF’s Digital Learning Program includes supporting remote learning for Oncology Units of Children’s Hospital’s throughout the United States. Our staff will coordinate with hospital administrators and their IT professionals to determine their needs. Afterwards, Captain Poodaman Charging Carts and notebooks ABF will be delivered to Children’s hospitals throughout the USA to support their inpatient remote learning programs.

This program is funded by ABF fundraisers, donations and sponsored grants. If you would like to donate to ABF’s Digital Learning program, go to the donation tab and click on the link to make your donation today. Thank you for your support!

ABF Believes, NO Child should ever SIT alone, NO Child should ever STAND alone and NO CHILD SHOULD EVER FIGHT ALONE!