“The Captain”

“The Captain”

Received 05/25/2009, Returned 11/3/2015

On February 4, 2015, Ahmad “Captain Poodaman” Butler first complained that his brain hurt. The next day, Ahmad — also known as Poodas, a nickname given to him by his mom — had emergency surgery to remove a mass on his brain that his family would later find out was a rare form of brain cancer called Ependymoma of the brain.

Although the surgery left Ahmad partially paralyzed on the left side of his body, what he lost in feeling he gained in spirit. Even as he endured tremendous hardship, Ahmad constantly encouraged everyone he encountered with kind words and a warm smile. To deal with all the challenges that would come with treatment, he adopted an alter ego as a kid superhero called “Captaaaaaaaain Poodaman.”

And a superhero kid he was. He showed remarkable bravery as he continued to smile through five surgeries, numerous chemotherapy sessions, hair loss, radiation, complete paralysis, endless needles, countless hospital stays, physical therapy, constant medication, and home schooling.

Just eight months, 26 days, three hours, and 21 minutes after his diagnosis, AHMAD “CAPTAIN POODAMAN” BUTLER succumbed to this horrible disease.

Throughout Ahmad’s fight our family encountered beautiful strangers who restored our faith in humanity. His grandmother Latanya Morrison also promised Ahmad and his mother that she would use his name and memory to help others. All of this led to the creation a nonprofit organization that would help support fellow superhero kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases called “Forever Captain Poodaman! The Ahmad Butler Foundation (ABF).”

Mission Statement

The Ahmad Butler Foundation (ABF) strives to provide wonderful distractions and great memories for children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We do this through care packages, events, and a learning program that provides the technology kids need to keep up with schoolwork during long hospital stays. Our ultimate goal is to help your family during an extremely difficult time, no matter your background or current situation.