ABF Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Forever Captain Poodaman! The Ahmad Butler Foundation (ABF) is comprised of a diverse group of professionals.
Our board is dedicated to ensure that ABF’s mission is strategically designed to be carried out with integrity, transparency, and in a way that honors the life of Ahmad Butler.

Latanya Morrison

Executive Director (Ahmad’s Grandmother)

Gina Conallen

Inside Director (Ahmad’s One and Only Teacher)

The A-Team (The Butler’s)

Mom (Cierra)    Ashad     Ashae    Amari Prince    Dad (Duane)

Keith Morrison

Outside Director (Ahmad’s Grandfather)

Joel Diaz

Special Director

Message From the Board of Directors

We understand how devastating it is to have a child diagnosed with cancer, how it severely impacts the entire family, and the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness childhood cancer leaves in its trails. It is our mission to fight alongside these brave children! It is our purpose to HOLD UP the leaders of their family, by providing direction, aid, and the tools needed to enable them to endure this life’s challenge. It is our PROMISE that YOU will NEVER sit alone, YOU will NEVER stand alone, and YOU WILL NEVER FIGHT ALONE! We are here and we are with you!